Our favourite Alternative covers

Covers are fun things. One person takes another person’s song and makes it theirs. Sometimes, they don’t work. But when a cover works, it can even overshadow the original.
Anyone remember “I will always love you”? Now go check who did the original version first.

Alternative artistes in Nigeria do quite a number of interesting covers and today we wanted to present three of our current favourites.

1. 1 Last Autograph “Yes No”

Possibly our favourite cover, it’s a punk rock take on Banky W’s hit single, “Yes No”. While Banky delivers his vocals on an r n b beat, the boys choose heavy guitars and drums.
The result is a recognisable melody, but a totally different song!!!

Download here


2. Clay “I Love My Baby”

Taking on Wizkid? O yes she did.
Nigeria’s queen of rock tackles Wizkid’s Naija pop sound and brings on amnesia. Does Wizkid have a version? Lol
We like that her voice is strong and powerful and very authoritative.

Watch on Youtube

3. Aramide “Ekuro”

This cover does the opposite of the previous two.
While Clay and 1 Last Autograph took relatively slow melodies and made them upbeat, Aramide strips Davido’s “Ekuro” song down to just a voice and a guitar.
In the end, she gives us melody and a clearer sound.

Watch on youtube here


What covers do you like?